Virtual and Hybrid Events

virtual and hybrid event services

Virtual and Hybrid Events

The changing meeting landscape has required everyone to re-envision the way we connect with audiences. Just as you’d “set the stage” at any venue, our virtual event team creates the perfect virtual setting to stream your content. Contact us today for a demo of one of our virtual and hybrid event platforms.

We can deliver all types of virtual or hybrid events:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Training Programs
  • Plenary
  • Semiar
  • Holiday Parties
  • Awards Ceremonies

virtual event solutions

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are the perfect solution for those programs that can effectively be held both onsite and virtually. Having a partner like PDS handle both your onsite and virtual component ensures a smooth experience for all attendees.

With engagement options where you can poll and take questions from in person and virtual attendees, you can ensure both groups of attendees get the same level of engagement.

hybrid event solutions


For smaller meetings and conferences where you just want to get your message out, a microsite might be a fit for you. Take a look at the demo site and see for yourself.


This platform can be used for almost any size event. It covers all the basics plus some extra features. Take a look at the demo site and see for yourself.


This platform is the same as EventApp but with even more features. EventApp+ has all the engagement features and analytics that you want out of a platform.